75" 4K Ultra Voice TV

75" Frameless Voice TV | Resolution: OLED | HD Ready 4K Ultra | 35 Watts Audio | Dual Remote

Rs.92499 Rs. 102499
65" 4K Google TV

65" Google TV | Display Feature: 4K Ultra HD | Smart TV: Yes | 35 watts Audio | Dual Remote

Rs.52999 Rs. 61999
Mixer Grinder

Mixer Grinder | 1350 Watts | 3 Jars | 2 Years warranty

Rs.3199 Rs. 6199
55" 4K Ultra Google TV

55" Google TV | Resolution: OLED | Full HD | Inbuild Sound Bar

Rs.36599 Rs. 43099
50" 4K Voice TV

50" Voice TV | Resolution: OLED | HD Ready 4K Ultra | Inbuild Sound Bar | Dual Remote

Rs.27899 Rs. 32899
43" FHD Google TV

43" Full HD Smart TV | Resolution: OLED | Inbuild Sound Bar | Dual Remote

Rs.22999 Rs. 27249

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